Author's note: Special thanks to A, who inspired me to write her into this chapter and to whom I owe any additional energy or creativity you may find here. You're delightful.

This is a four-part chapter in a chronologically and procedurally arranged series; I'd recommend that you start with Ch. 1 to get your bearings (which also happens to be one of the most popular chapters), or at least read Ch. 2, which is a very short synopsis of the rules of the universe in these stories.

All parts of this chapter have been completed and submitted; expect to see one section go live each day, so stay tuned.

This series deals with first-time, free-use, age difference, light BDSM/noncon, and light incest.


Part 4.

'Are you okay, sweet girl?' I asked, helping her to her feet. She was shaking, and her eyes shone with the intensity of her orgasm as she thanked me.

'Mr. Stevenson,' she said hesitantly, 'can I tell you something?'

'Of course, Abigail,' I said, holding her close. She looked up at me with her giant blue eyes, her cheeks flushed.

'That was the first time I ever...orgasmed...with a man's penis,' she whispered bashfully. 'I always imagine it when I touch mysel-I mean, when I masturbate. But it was even more amazing than I thought. Thank you.'

It was with some reluctance that I directed her to finish her training with Dave, who immediately had her lay on her belly across the arm of the couch so he could work her from behind. He had a thick penis that was just slightly shorter than mine, so he was able to jump to full depth right away with a handful of her hair to help keep her steady; fortunately Abigail's orgasm and my work with my cock seemed to help her withstand the unstoppable invasion. I couldn't wait to get some more time inside this sweet girl; I was excited, however, to finish this round with Layla.

The energy in the room had shifted subtly yet decisively. Martin's, Jennifer's, and Abigail's orgasms were blood in the water, so to speak, and the rest of the fathers were all on edge now. I could feel some of the good humor dissipate temporarily as our higher mental faculties began to crumble in the face of the overwhelming instinctive imperative to simply breed the girls; the grabbing and pawing became a bit more urgent and pitiless, the instructions shorter and sterner. We were faced with two nearly incompatible goals: train these girls vaginally as hard as we could for ten more minutes-and don't orgasm.

Layla approached me with a smile and reached for a hug and kiss, but I grabbed her arm and spun her around to face away from me. Taken by surprise, she yelped, but quickly regained her composure.

'Bend over the way you did for me in the inspection round, Layla,' I instructed, watching hungrily as she assumed her position, arching her back hard to show she had been paying attention. I was enraptured by the sight of her glorious backside as she offered it to me, and sure enough, just as before, her deep stretch gaped her delicious vagina for me.

I put my hands on her butt cheeks, revelling in their full, firm goodness, and traced her little deer tail with my finger where it crossed her butt hole, causing her to shiver and giggle, and break out in goosebumps across her thighs and back.

I moved and crouched for a moment in front of her where she stood, bent at the waist with her hands on her knees, and I kissed her lips as I ran my hands under her belly and over her soft breasts.

'Layla, honey,' I said, my throat tight as I prepared to fulfill a long-time dream, 'I know you're young, and I wouldn't normally use this language with you-but I want you to know you have a beautiful cunt, dear girl. Now hold still so I can enjoy it, alright?'

She was much wetter than the first time I'd seen her, of course, and her lips were swollen from the good work she'd been doing already today, and my cock still shone with a gloss of Abigail's cum, so as I aimed the head directly at the irresistible little black abyss into her splendid body, it slid easily into her in spite of her extraordinary tightness once I'd breached the outer wall.

She was delicious; reaching out to support herself with a hand on the couch, she set her feet and haunches so she could push back against me and take all of me in. In addition to being tight, her vagina had some sort of internal texture that quickly drove me wild; I could feel the crown of my penis slipping delectably over it each time I drove into her.

Curt, meanwhile, had picked up Elizabeth on his cock and was fucking her against the wall fairly hard. She held him tightly, her face buried in his neck, and the adorable noises she was making into his shoulder filled the room. She really did seem to love the more severe style of Curt and Dave; I speculated that her free-spirited, uncomplicated upbringing caused her to be drawn to men who demanded-and took-more from her.

Jennifer had still been in the throes of her shattering orgasm when Martin had lifted her trembling body in his big arms, carried her over to his couch, and laid her on her back. Her legs spread wide, the nearly senseless girl's freshly-orgasmed cunnie was a perfectly sculpted, softly-convulsing pool of crystal-clear girl cum.

Having relieved some pressure already, Martin obviously didn't need to orgasm as urgently as the rest of us, and he was spending his ten minutes lying between my daughter's legs, holding her head in his hands and exploring her mouth thoroughly with his tongue as he luxuriated in the sensation of slowly dipping his penis in and out of that sacred pool.

Like Abigail, Jennifer was nearly swallowed up in the couch under his weight and bulk, and I was pleased to see that she was working hard to maintain her breathing and keep kissing him like a good girl as the sweet old man made himself comfortably at home in her body, as was his prerogative. Her legs weakly attempted to wrap around his round, hairy torso, only to be pressed apart again as the next slow, heavy stroke of his cock plowed into her.

The room was silent apart from the sounds of the girls moaning or whimpering, the fathers breathing heavily as we battled back our urge to cum, and the warm slap of flesh on young, perfect flesh as we assiduously trained the girls' vaginas.

The room started to fade away and my peripheral vision began to fail as I slipped closer to letting myself go in Layla; she was incredible, her strong hips and streamlined upper body were an athletic machine, and I gloried in the warmth of her soft skin as I ran my hands down her sides and over her perfect breasts. I started to lose my faculty for reason; I didn't care about having to buy a phone now, all that mattered was that I cum in this beautiful creature, despite the fact that I would be free to cum in her any other time today without a penalty.

The sound of the timer crashed into our consciousnesses and was met by a chorus of protests. I was apparently not the only father who was ready to skip right to the end part.

'Well done, gentlemen,' Martin grinned through his beard as he raised himself up off of Jennifer, who was visibly relieved, 'we're about to begin the Ejaculation portion of the afternoon, so please separate yourselves from the girls. I know it's hard,' he chuckled, 'but I promise you'll be right back inside one of them in just a moment.'

Of course we knew he was right, and so, amid much good-natured grumbling, we slowly, reluctantly pulled our penises out of the girls' bodies.

'Ladies, grab a drink of water if you need, and gentlemen, go ahead now and choose a girl to finish with. Do whatever you need to complete your task, and award your cum to the girl you think has earned it,' Martin announced.

There was a sudden flurry of activity. I was planning on finishing in Layla, of course, but just as I was about to tell her to lie down on the couch so I could, Abigail walked up to me.

'Mr. Stevenson,' she said politely, 'I, um, really liked the way you trained me. Would you-oh!-oh my gosh!'

She was interrupted by Dave, who walked up behind her and took her by the hips, lined his cock up with her opening, and pulled her onto himself. The powerfully-built fireman began going at her at a fair clip, taking her by the wrists to keep her close to him as he worked her.

Layla had been snatched up by Levi when I wasn't looking, meanwhile, so I turned my attention to Abigail as Dave apologized.

'I didn't realize you were having a discussion, Stevenson,' he said with gritted teeth. 'Abigail, it's not polite to start a conversation with someone and not finish it. What were you asking Mr. Stevenson?'

Abigail struggled to focus as Dave kept up his work, and she seemed to be having difficulty speaking. I stepped close to her and tilted her chin to look in her eyes.

'Sweet girl, what were you asking me?' I smiled. 'You need to answer me.'

'I...I...I was asking...if you'd please train you did earlier...and have an me...Mr. Stevenson...' she managed to gasp as she endured Dave's powerful thrusts.

Dave shot me a raised eyebrow from behind her, and I acknowledged him with a subtle nod. It was clear that she was trying her best, but Abigail had a lot to learn about proper etiquette for young girls. She was committing her blunder in her conversation with me; it would be my responsibility to correct her.

'Sweet girl,' I said, kissing her on the forehead as Dave fucked her, 'I would be honored. I will do that as soon as Mr. Kendrick is finished with you.'

'Almost...done...and THERE. Yes, yes, YES GOD,' Dave groaned, standing Abigail up with a firm grip on the scruff of her neck, pulling his cock out of her, and unleashing a half-dozen strong pulses of semen onto her lower back. He grunted in pleasure and appreciation as his erection slowly faded and he watched his cream roll down her flanks and run deliciously between her butt cheeks.

Abigail stood stock-still, her eyes wide as she took Dave's ejaculation without a word. I could only imagine her bewilderment; I supposed she probably hadn't really woken up this morning imagining that within a few hours she'd be standing naked in front of me, after four men she'd never met had enjoyed her body, being sprayed with cum while I talked with her. I smiled and kissed her forehead again. She would eventually get used to it, as all girls did.

'Come here, sweet thing,' I said as Dave, knowing that I'd be using her next, considerately toweled her off for me in a business-like fashion. I helped the dazed girl to the couch and spread her legs, giving her another little kiss on the lips before I entered her.

I kept the same style as before, but now that she had been properly trained I was able to go to nearly my full depth with little problem. I knew what Abigail really liked was a gentle, slow pace, which I understood, and I decided to start by working her back to a repeat of her earlier orgasm.

Sure enough, after a few minutes she came again, creaming on my cock and mewling, and about the same time so did Martin. When the girls had gotten up at the end of the last round, he'd invoked 'host's privileges' and pushed Jennifer back down on the couch with a large paw to her chest, staying inside her so he could use her to finish. Now, with a gleeful bellow, he filled my baby girl with his second load of cum.

Soon after, so did Levi and Curt, who lay in a happy, exhausted pile with Kristen, Elizabeth, and Layla.

I was now on the verge of my own climax, and as Abigail shuddered to a stop and thanked me, her eyes shining and her breath sweet, and her body soft after her orgasm had swept her, I leaned in close.

'Sweet girl, I know you didn't mean any harm, but you need to know that what you did a minute ago is not allowed.'

A look of panic flashed across her face, and she asked what she had done.

'You asked a man-me-to train you, first of all, which is impertinent. But then you also told me how you wanted to be trained, which is simply not anything you should concern yourself with unless you're asked. It's actually quite rude.'

The girl's eyes instantly welled as she rushed to say that she didn't mean to misstep, and she was sorry.

'I'd never do anything to offend you guys on purpose,' she said, 'I was really really trying, Mr. Stevenson.'

'I know that, sweet thing,' I said, still slowly fucking her, 'but the way a girl acts is extremely important. There are reasons for these rules. I'll need to tell your father.'


Levi came over and pulled up a chair. He'd picked up his daughter's panties from the floor, and he toyed with them absently as he watched me train her. He'd heard everything, and he said he understood.

'When we moved here, we committed as a family that we'd fully embrace the culture as best as we could. We don't want to be guests, we want to be family. Abigail, honey, I know learning this new lifestyle might be a little bumpy, but you must be responsible for your own actions, and we can't have you being a disruptive influence in our new home. I know you didn't do it on purpose, sweetheart, but it's clear that you did do it. You're going to need to accept the consequences to show that we respect the customs and way of life here. Robert, whatever you feel is the appropriate way of teaching her, please go ahead.'

Abigail's eyes brimmed; she hated being a bad girl. It didn't seem fair that suddenly now, right after a lovely orgasm and while she still lay here naked and sticky with Martin's and Curt's cum, and with my hard cock still using her, all she felt was shame and embarrassment and fear. All she wanted now was to make things right. She got hold of herself, gulped, and looked at me.

'I want to be a good girl, Mr. Stevenson,' she said bravely, 'please tell me how to fix this?'

I pressed myself all the way into her, and showed Levi that she could safely take my full length, although it was a bit of a challenge for her. He knelt by the couch to get a better look, carefully inspecting her pussy to confirm that she was still perfectly healthy and good to go, and nodded.

'Abigail, we'll keep this simple since it's your first time and I know it was a mistake,' I said. 'You must understand that your trainer will decide what is the most effective method to use on you-if you are asked about what you would like, of course you should answer. But you should never walk up to a man and ask to be trained in a certain manner.'

The rest of the room had fallen silent as the other men gathered the girls around to witness Abigail's lesson.

'I'm going to need to hold you down to keep you still, and then fuck you quite hard for a bit-harder than you've had today already, and probably much harder than you'd like. Then I'll cum in you. It may be uncomfortable, and it may hurt a little, but I promise I won't injure you. Your body is meant to handle this, do you understand? Afterward, you'll be a good girl again, and it will be like this never happened, okay?'

Abigail nodded, wiping her eyes and setting her chin as she prepared for her discipline. I grasped her arms just above the elbows and pinned them back behind her into the couch so her breasts were pushed up toward me and she couldn't move. I was light-headed with her beauty as I watched her submit to me and her punishment. I was about to instruct her to open her legs wide like a good girl, when she anticipated my order and offered herself to me as nakedly and openly as she could, of her own accord.

'Please, Mr. Stevenson,' she said softly, 'train me however you think is best.'

'Sweet girl,' I growled, 'I want you to kiss me softly, with sweet girl kisses, as I fuck you hard. You will use your kisses to show that you know what you did wrong, that you want to correct your mistake, that you understand why this has to happen, and that you want me to do this to you so you can be a good girl again, okay?'

'Yes, Mr. Stevenson,' she nodded emphatically, 'I'm so, so sorry.'

'I know you are, sweet girl,' I whispered, 'I know it wasn't on purpose, but you must learn what is expected of you. Here we go...'

I leaned in, tasted her lips, and began to drive into her.

It was glorious; I went to another dimension as I rammed her young pussy, every thrust making my cock harder as I opened her up and prepared her young vagina to take my cum. The sensual counterpoint of her tender kisses, and the effort she was putting into doing exactly as she was told despite being nearly driven off the couch and onto the floor by my exertions was mind-bending; she was being such a good girl.

Her initial struggles when I started drilling her out began to ease as she discovered how hungry her pussy actually was for a solid fucking; the revelation that there was a deeper pleasure beyond the pain rocked her inexperienced mind and body, and as she came on my cock again, apologizing and begging me with her tender kisses to forgive her, a single tear spilled over from her eye and ran down her temple as I took everything I wanted.

As I felt her release and open her body to me, willingly giving me her precious vagina like the glorious, sacred, receptive female she was meant to be, everything became too much to handle.

'Abigail, you beautiful thing, I'm going to cum in you,' I said hoarsely, 'when you feel my semen inside you, you'll know you're forgiven and that you're a good girl again.'

Time seemed to stop for a beat, everything falling to silence and darkness.

I unleashed a mighty ejaculation deep into her.

I nearly fell off the couch as I was rocked by my orgasm; my penis felt like it had been blown off, and it continued to twitch in Abigail's vagina as I slowly returned to full consciousness.

I waited until my cock stopped pulsing, then slowly withdrew it from her. Abigail was motionless, panting, her eyes closed, and I watched with satisfaction as she spasmed as my penis left her, causing a thick rivulet of my cum to spill from her.

'Abigail, sweet girl,' I said with a weak growl, 'good job. You're a good girl.'

She looked up with her big, shining eyes and thanked me.

'I try to be, Mr. Stevenson-I really do,' she whispered.

I kissed her and wiped the tear from her cheek and helped her up, and Curt made it a learning opportunity for the other girls.

'You are all generally very good girls,' he said seriously, 'It's important to understand that when you do make mistakes, you must be corrected-that's what training is all about. It's not always about punishment, or being cruel or mean. It's about fixing the situation you created through your carelessness, and willingly receiving the instruction or discipline that will make things right, even if it's painful.

'It's not Abigail's place to tell a man how she should be trained. Remember, you have each had experience with one female body-your own-for eighteen years. We have trained thousands of girls in that time, so when we train you, we are bringing all of that vast experience with the female body to bear on your session. We understand your bodies and what they need better than you do, dear girls, so let us train you as we feel is best.

'Abigail's discipline required her to undergo the type of training that Mr. Stevenson believed to be most valuable for her, which happened to include helping her get accustomed to hard, deep penetration that she wouldn't normally request for herself.'

He indicated my semen trickling down the insides of Abigail's thighs as she stood next to me.

'Cum is the traditional sign that your discipline is complete. If you are in trouble for any reason, figuring out how to help your trainer climax is generally a solid plan-a man's orgasm usually means you've made things right and all is forgiven.'

Everyone applauded and the other fathers came up one at a time and kissed Abigail, telling her she was a good girl, and I handed her back to Levi.


It was with some reluctance that I directed her to finish her training with Dave

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He finally let her up, and she surfaced grinning and a little dazed, her eyes watering and a stringy mass of her saliva suspended between her little tongue and the glistening head of his penis. As her daddy, it warmed my heart how eager a learner she was, and after Levi affectionately tousled her hair and kissed her playfully on the cheek she returned, without prompting, to doing what she loved porn movies. 'Good job, honey. You're getting really good at that,' I commended her, and she gave me a little full-mouthed smile while she happily nuzzled and sucked her new friend. I was always touched by how deeply happy she was anytime someone put their penis in her mouth; she was the very picture of contentment and peace as long as she was entrusted with the grown-up responsibility of caring for a cock. We were joined by Abigail, who had just emerged from the house with a ginger ale. She walked up to Levi and was about to kiss him when she realized with a start what Jennifer was doing, and she froze for a moment and took in the sight of her father gently petting a naked girl who was happily serving his penis with her mouth. It was clear that as disorienting as this day had already been for the sweet girl, she'd been kept far too busy with her own training duties to pay much attention to what her father had been doing at the same time, so this was her first moment to absorb all the feelings and emotions that came with the breathtaking realization of what her life was truly going to be like from now on cooze porn. Despite the understandable inner conflict, Abigail was a dutiful girl, and she set her chin as she accepted what she saw and leaned over to kiss her dad, giving me a beautiful view of her backside and her sex as she did. Levi secured Jennifer's head to his belly and began firmly fucking her mouth, giving her a couple dozen strokes and testing her ability to keep her throat relaxed and maintain suction, as he kissed his daughter and asked where she'd been.

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